Single Tooth Replacement

The loss of a tooth occurs for different reasons such as cavities, trauma or periodontal disease. One of the best options for tooth replacement is the dental implant.  The placement of a single implant can be a valid and successful option of treatment in case of a single compromised tooth that needs to be removed .The implant treatment requires the placement of a ceramic crown to restore normal tooth function. This option eliminates the need to use a removable denture or fixed bridge for the replacement of the tooth.

This treatment option includes evaluation  for your dentist and the use of diagnostic tools before the placement of the implant,  placement of the implant  and follow up appointments.

All our implants are placed using  an Advanced Treatment Planning  called  “Computer Guided Surgery ” . This advanced technology allows the Dentist to determine and analyze the best possible implant position in the mouth for an effective implant function and determine the best position of the ceramic crown. Ask us more when you visit our office!